Wild weather getaways from Hervey Bay

There’s a magical turning point that occurs about two months into the Hervey Bay summer heat. The point where you start to secretly love the rain. Wait for it. Even actively wish for it.

So when the rain finally started pouring a few days ago it felt like a big, fresh breath of air.

Since then we’ve done some very atypical things, like not going to the beach and going to the movies instead, play board games and read books. Our Aussie friends quickly changed dinner plans from lasagna to soup. ”It’s below 25 degrees, it’s definitely SOUP WEATHER” they explained.

Rainy days at Woolshed Eco Lodge
The Lodge cat Pumpkin is loving this weather. You might want to do just like her: Find someone soft, hairy, relaxed and tattooed, and curl up under their book!

Rainy day drives from Hervey Bay

So, what to do when the rain continues to pour over our beaches? Our top tip is to make a little day trip to places that need a bit of drama to look their absolute best : Burrum Heads and Toogoom!

Both are a short drive away from the Woolshed Eco Lodge. The beach in Burrum Heads is a crazy, windy landscape full of fallen trees that make you feel like you’ve reached the end of the world. Obviously, we pretended it actually is, and spent a good hour playing “Survivor” and catching coconuts from nearby palm trees… 😀 At Toogoom, you’ll find a quite perfect rainy day café with all day breakfasts and a gorgeous view of the windy seas.

Keep, raining, I say! 🙂

Burrum Heads, just a short drive from Hervey Bay
Mighty winds. Bring on the drama, Burrum Heads! This is a beautiful beach walk to do on a rainy, windy day!
Burrum Heads beach
NOT a remote island in the Pacific, but still a great spot to catch yer’ coconuts Robinson Crusoe-style!
Coconut hunting at Burrum Heads Beach
Mission: Complete!!
Toogoom, a short drive from Woolshed Backpackers
Sail into the rain. A bit indecisive, this weather. The skies opened up over these fishermen for just a moment.
Goody’s on the beach serves a great breakfast all day in Toogoom.

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