Become a Roo Whisperer at the Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary

After a visit to the lovely Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary just a 30 minute car ride from Woolshed Eco Lodge we can tell you this much : kangaroo whispering is not hard. At all. Pull out a bag of ”kangaroo food” and they come jumping straight at you. They’re not that soft and “whispery” though – they know exactly what they want (food! now!) and if you put your hand too high they instantly grab a hold of your hand and pull it down to a better level.

Model peacock at the Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary

This beautiful peacock loves to pose for photos.

Camels, dingos and snakes

The story of the wildlife sanctuary is quite heartwarming. Many of the animals have been rescued and would not survive in the wild. One of them is the eagle Winston, who really really likes company. As soon as we come close to his enclosure he jumps closer (this buddy hurt his wing after being hit by a car and is not great at flying) and looks at us with a kind and interested gaze.

There are also wallabies, snakes, peacocks, kookaburras, dingoes and a lovely huge camel called Kadar who loves to get kisses from visitors.

Roos in Hervey Bay

If the sanctuary is too far for you, there’s another option to spot kangaroos in Hervey Bay. Hire a bike or electric scooter and head up to Point Vernon, where they roam freely among human residents. The roos especially love the cemetery, where they make a pretty awkward sight jumping over the graves and eating the decorative flowers. 😀

In the afternoon, your best chance of spotting them is on a big field next to a quiet neighborhood. Ask the staff to point it out to you on a map, and start whispering!

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