Looking back at Urangan from its pier.

A Saturday Morning Exploring in Hervey Bay

The Journey Begins…

After last week’s dreary rain the renewed sunshine was very welcome. Determined to make the most of it we started the day fairly early and headed towards the beach! No time for swimming and sunbathing just yet though – we had our sights set on exploring first, with the promise of a well-earned brunch and relaxing in the sun later.

A bike from Woolshed Backpackers.
Grab a bike from Woolshed

We rode along the esplanade, dodging the joggers and the grey nomads on their morning newspaper walk, until we made it to the market. Urangan’s market is a reasonably modest one, but boasts a mouth-watering selection of local fresh fruit and veg, alongside a few clothes, jewelry and nick-knack stalls. Miraculously we managed to refrain from buying anything (the decision to treat ourselves to breakfast surpassed our current need for trinkets, however charming!) but enjoyed mooching around and nibbling on a few free samples.

A visit to Hervey Bay wouldn’t be complete without undertaking the walk down the entire length of Urangan’s pier – which is no small feat. It’s deceptively long!! Buffeted by the wind, which increased the farther away from the sheltered shore we got, we made it to the end. The obligatory victory snaps were posed for and we swiftly made our way back to the calm warmth of the pier park behind us. We did think though how lovely it would be to watch the sunrise here – if you’re an early riser!

Exploring the market in Urangan.

Posing at the end of Urangan’s pier.
We made it!! 🎉

Hervey Bay Brunch

Our now quite rumbly stomachs informed us it was time to head back in the direction of the Woolshed, so we hopped on our bikes once more and rode back along the esplanade. Soon the welcome reprieve of Aquavue was upon us and we had two very large and very tasty breakfasts in front of us. On a travelling budget we avoid splurging too much, but after a pretty active morning we indulged. Berry pancakes and French toast – yes please!!

Full to the brim and feeling very pleased with ourselves, we could now spend the afternoon snoozing on the beach or flopped in one of Woolshed Eco Lodges’ supremely comfy hammocks.

A day well spent!

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