Top 5 Things to Do in Hervey Bay

If you are coming to visit Hervey Bay what are the top five attractions according to travelers? Trip Advisor provides a perfect checklist for the top five things to do in Hervey Bay.

Number 1: Wetside Water Education Park.
Out of the 100 reviews Trip Advisor has collected 59 percent said Wetside Water park was excellent and 33 percent said very good. The free park is great for children and is a perfect place to enjoy on a hot summer day.

Number 2: The Esplanade
The number two, thing to do in Hervey Bay requires no money at all. The Esplanade runs along the beachfront with a variety of shops offering everything from souvenirs to fish and chips. 90 percent of reviews rated the Esplanade to be very good or excellent. The clean picturesque area is perfect for walking, biking or swimming and sun-baking.

Number 3: Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum
Coming in at number three, if you like history then the Hervey Bay Historical Village is worth a visit. Of the 44 reviews on Trip Advisor 24 of them rated this attraction excellent. With 19 buildings and 8000 exhibits there is lots to see and the reviewers could not be happier with the volunteers in charge.

Number 4: Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere
The fun and affordable discovery sphere is well worth the stop if you are interested in the environment of the Fraser Coast. 89 percent of the Trip Advisor visitors rated this attraction very good or excellent putting it in at the number four thing to do in Hervey Bay.

Number 5: The Pier
The pier in Hervey Bay is the number five thing to do according to Trip Advisor. This attraction is popular among reviewers for walking, fishing and just taking in the scenery. With some great views the pier is a long walk but one reviewer says to do it twice, morning and night.

A few more to mention that are on the list are Reefworld Aquarium and the Hervey Bay Go Kart Track. Except Trip Advisor is missing one of the great attractions Hervey Bay has to offer! We are known for our whale watching so make sure you take a boat trip during whale season. Finally Woolsheds favourite thing to do in Hervey Bay, enjoy the sun and relax. Book your accommodation online or visit Trip Advisor for our accommodation rating.

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