Infographic Snapshot

The Backpack

When it comes to backpacking around Australia a trusty companion that will become an extension of yourself is your backpack. However getting the backpack that will support you through you journey is as important as the journey itself.

The infographic below by REI will provide you with all you need to know about your partner in crime.  A key point to take from this infographic is finding the right sized backpack that will suit your lower back. Carrying your life on your back can get heavy, so making sure it is positioned with your torso could be a lifesaver for your future. On top of this the packing of your bag can distribute the weight evenly. By positioning the heaviest items in the middle close to the spine they will act as a support.

What ever the reason for backpacking, taking on the wilderness or travelling cheap this infographic can give you an understanding of what to think about when it comes to your backpack.

Backpack Infographic

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