The Jewel of the Great Barrier Reef Lady Elliot

Lady Elliot Island. This absolutely stunning example of a Coral Cay on the Great Barrier Reef is our favorite destination on the East Coast of Australia. Because it is a Marine Zone (NO BOATS!), and low tourist impact it is quite simply the Great Barrier Reef at it’s very, very best.

Beautiful coral, all the fish large and small the reef is famous for, turtles galore, white tip and black tip reef sharks and of course the mighty Manta rays. All can be experienced with a snorkel and mask!

Where is the closest place to get to Lady Elliot Island?     Hervey Bay of course!

Flights depart from Fraser Coast Airport in Hervey Bay daily and because we are the closest that also makes us the cheapest place to get there.

Check out Packages and Tours on offer by the Woolshed for great deals to experience this truly unique Island, the Jewel of the Great Barrier Reef…

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