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Apps for Backpacking around Australia

We know here at Woolshed Backpackers, that travellers are a lot more high tech. We often see a large number of smart phones and tablets being brought out at the front desk when checking in and out.

Now with the free hotspots of wifi you are able to access all the information you need to get on with your trip.

So here are the top 8 travelling around Australia Apps for you to look up. We hope you find them useful, most of them are FREE!

1. Appy Travels

Covering loads of uniquely Australian experiences and destinations from cities to desert plains. Appy Travels, has a number of features including maps, exclusive deals and an Aussie phrase book.

This App is FREE and works offline.

2. Tourism Australia 

Pre-travel advice, facts and a guide to places to go and things to do in Australia. The App also provides handy tips and tricks, event details, and information on tours and transportation.

This App is FREE

3. Trip Advisor 

A great App that we sure you are either already using or visit the website regularly. This App also have a Near Me Now feature to discover places to eat and things to do near you, or near any address you enter.

This App is Free

4. GoSkyWatch

Australia is one of the best places to look up into the sky and this App helps you understand it. All you have to do is point your smart phone camera at the stars above and let the App guide you across the stars, planets and constellations.

This App is Free

5.  Australian Road Trips App

If you are driving across our open roads this is a great App to help you out. The App features more than 350 entries, 3000 photos and 40 detailed driving itineraries with recommendations. You can also plan your own trip using all the information and suggestions the App provides.

This App costs $3.99 on iTunes

6. Wikitude 

Ever looked at a landmark and wondered what it is, how much it is to enter and the history behind it? Point your Wikitude App at the landmark and it will tell you all about it.

This App is FREE

7. Trip It

Trip It is the easiest way to organise and share your travel plans on FaceBook or LinkedIn you can also store confirmation emails  in one place and add them to itineraries it.

This App is FREE

8. SunScreen Re-Applying Reminder

Great for the Australian Sun! This amazing App reminds you when to apply the next layer, so no matter how fast time flies when you are having fun you will be sun protected.

This App is FREE


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