Fantastic Fraser Island

Two of our Woolshed backpackers, Adam & Dara, have written a blog about their day on Fraser Island. So grab a cup of tea, get cosy and enjoy!

The Fraser Island experience is something that absolutely must be done when you come to Hervey Bay. We were so excited for our day on Fraser and we started early by catching the 6:45am ferry with our 4×4. Once we arrived on Fraser, our guide (a fellow Woolshedder), drove us through our first set of sand trails to Lake Wabby lookout and then to the Stonetool Sand Blow. The views were just amazing and we couldn’t believe how beautiful the sand looked.


One of our favourite parts of the day was driving over the sand trails as it was so much fun with all the bumps and dips at every turn. We also thought it was so cool cruising along the beach in the 4×4 like we were on a highway! During our beach cruise, we even got to see a wild dingo which we thought was pretty cool!

fraser2 fraser7

By this point we were getting thirsty so headed to Eli Creek, where we drank the fresh water straight from the creek. Well, actually it was just Dara who drank the water as Adam got scared away by a tiny fish…oh dear! On our way to the famous Maheno Shipwreck (where the perfect selfie opportunity awaits) and The Pinnacles, we saw blue jellyfish which Dara was fascinated by as we only have the regular pink ones back in Scotland.

fraser3 fraser4

Once we prized Dara away from the blue jellyfish, we made the journey up to Indian Hills. The views were spectacular and we even got to see some whales playing in the ocean. The next stop was the Champagne Pools and Adam has not stopped talking about them since we came back from our trip. We think they are an absolute must-see!!


After we took a million photos and had a quick dip, we drove through the awesome rainforest to Lake Allom where we got to see the cutest freshwater turtles.


The final stop was Lake McKenzie and all we can say is WOW!! It is probably the most beautiful place we have ever visited and we can’t wait to go back to Fraser Island to see it again. It was a long day as we got the 8:30pm ferry back, but it was worth every minute. We keep looking at our photos of Fraser Island as it was such an amazing and beautiful place…we would go back in a heartbeat!!


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