Backpacking Budget Tips

As a backpacker, money is always high on priorities when you head off on your journey.

Often plans are out the window as you start to experience areas and meet new people, or were never there in the first place. We have a number of budget friendly tips that will keep your bank and wallet happy whilst still giving you the best possible backpacking trip. You don’t need high budgets to see and experience some of the best travel destinations.

Those boots are made for walking

If you are budget conscious then catching a taxi is probably your last resort. Walking to your destination is not only friendly on your wallet it also lets you seeĀ an area better than out a car window. Secondly, as you are less likely to be playing your usual sports and going to the gym, just think of it as your exercise for the day. There are also a number of information points around significant or historical areas, which gives you a free tour without a penny spent.

Avoid Chain Hostels

Do your research about where you are going to stay and sometimes the locals are the best people to ask. If you are not during the busy season and have a day to find a place, walk around and ask around. You may be lucky enough to find another budget conscious backpacker or a helpful local to give you some direction. The best hostels and cheapest are often the small family owned hostels. We know, because we happen to be one in Hervey Bay.

Cook your own meals

As tempting as it is to go out and buy a meal, it is expensive. Once every now and then is a nice treat but make sure your hostel has a kitchen that you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in. You will be surprised at how much it actually costs to eat out every meal. Also try to find some fridge space, buying for the week rather than every day will also save you money.

Pocket money

You may feel like a child again but there is a reason you mother started you on a weekly allowance. Give yourself a cash amount that you can spend each day, even if it is only $10. This way you have a little play money for fun, silly, impulse buys. If you don’t spend it one day then it rolls over to the next day and the next day.

Can you bike there?

If you have a few sites that you want to see in a day and are thinking about booking a tour guide, ask yourself, can you bike there? This is a great way to see a place and leaves you with more flexibility than a tour will. You can then use your guide book to read about the site while you are standing at it. The cost of a bike is most probably half the price of a tour guide and is just as good of an experience, if not better!

Take advantage of free activities

Depending on your holiday destination there are a number of ways to have fun and not spend a penny. Swimming, hiking, and having a barbeque on the beach are all free experiences. You can also visit the council website for Australian towns or cities to see what is happening. Most of these activities are completely free, something different and made for the locals, so you are getting a local experience.

What ever your budget is, backpacking is a great way to travel and see the world. If you are backpacking around Australia come and visit us at Woolshed Backpackers and ask about our budget rooms.

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