Tips to consider before Backpacking

We have come up with six great backpacking tips to think about the next time you pack your backpack.

Shop around for flights. Online travel sites are great for finding cheap deals and there are so many of them out there. Look at a number of sites before purchasing your flight and compare deals. Also sign up to special notifications, the best part about backpacking is the spontaneity and a cheap flight for the weekend could be the perfect spur of the moment decision.

Don’t forget about airport transfers. Most of the time, the airport you fly into is located outside of where your actual destination or hostel is. If you are backpacking, taxis are never a great option so look at airport shuttles or contact your accommodation to see what they recommend. It is important to add this on to the cost of your flight. When a special deal comes up be sure to check whether it is worth the flight plus airport transfer or if it is cheaper to take an alternative travel option which takes you right where you want to be.

Do you need a visa? When backpacking around Australia, unless you are an Australian on New Zealand Citizen you will need a visa to enter. Visit the countries government site for the most accurate information. For Australian Visas visit Find a Visa. This may also be a good time to look at insurance options.

Money. Most backpackers hostels in Australia require credit cards to secure a booking, so ensure you have a visa card prior to travel. If you have been travelling around Asia before landing in Australia you may be shocked with prices to begin with. There are a number of budget options for backpackers if you look hard enough. Also if you are working in Australia then it may be a good idea to set up an Australian bank account but always ensure you have enough savings to sustain you until you land a paying job.

Packing for your trip. Backpacking around Australia for an extended amount of time may be overwhelming when it comes to packing but resist the urge to pack everything but the kitchen sink. Pack light and only bring the essentials. It helps if you arrange your clothing into outfits and only take the item if it will work with two others clothing items you are bringing. Now is not the time to pack that piece of clothing that you never wear but will when you are on holiday, because that day will never come. Think about the weather also, there is no need for six sweater’s during Australia’s summer, one should be sufficient. Usually male backpackers are the best with this. Limit the number of valuables you bring and photocopy and important documents so that you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about your things back in the hostel. Read our Backpack blog for more packing information.

Accommodation. As a backpacker accommodation can be an expensive part of your trip. Hostels are great for your budget and do not need to be dirty or uncomfortable. If you look at the different options a hostel can provide dorm rooms, gender specific rooms, en-suite’s and private rooms. All at a much better price than most hotels. Also look at the amenities of your accommodation. A kitchen is extremely important and will stop you having to dine out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Washing facilities are also a great addition. When you book accommodation don’t just think about the cost of the room but also add on how much you will have to spend for eating out every day if you don’t have a kitchen available. You will soon be looking for hostels with kitchens.

When you land in the beautiful town of Hervey Bay Australia to experience some amazing whale watching then visit Woolshed Backpackers. We tick all the boxes when it comes to Backpacking in Hervey Bay. We hope you enjoyed our six backpacking tips!

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