Solar Energy

The team at Woolshed have worked closely with Donna from Asset Solar Tech to install a huge 30.1KW Solar Power system which should provide us with around 108% of our energy consumption...  That's right, we are energy self sufficient, a very satisfying feeling on so many levels!

Meaning, our reduction in commercial energy use per year is the equivalent of planting 1059 trees, avoid burning approx 19990kg (22 Ton) of coal or using the equivalent of 17,589 Lit of fuel. What a difference a small business can make...

Harvest Water

We harvest rain water from our main Woolshed building into two 25,000 lit water tanks. We use this water all round the property from watering the gardens, lawns and edible herb and vege garden through to cleaning and maintenance. 

Use of sustainable and renewable building materials
99% Single Use Plastic Free

Help us reduce our plastic waste by not purchasing single use plastic's

+ avoid food packaged in unnecessary plastic wrapping

+purchase a stainless steel or recyclable  water bottle, straw and cutlery while travelling

+use reusable shopping bags

+Rigid plastic's can be recycled in our kitchen area, just remember to take the lids off and make sure they're empty and dry before you place them in our recycling bin.

Compost and Communal Herb Garden
We wash our own linen and dry it in the sunshine
Non Toxic Cleaning and Washing Products
Bulk Soap Dispensers - No Packaging!
Sustainable paper hand towels and toilet paper
Our kitchen features a recycling system
Energy Efficient LED Lighting
Set on 1 acre of tropical gardens

With over 100 trees and shrubs we are absorbing C02 and producing O2, our garden is home to Green tree frogs, Possums, variety of native bird life, insects and relaxed oxygenated guests!

Free Bike Hire

Explore Hervey Bay the scenic and carbon-friendly way with free bike hire. Ask one of our friendly staff members about the top spots to see in Hervey Bay.

Water Saving Systems

Woolshed features split flush systems on toilets and water saving heads on showers.


What Our Guests Have Said

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