Surfing at Rainbow Beach

You cannot go to Australia and not learn how to surf, right!? In Hervey Bay we don’t have much waves, but just an hour and a half away is the lovely Rainbow Beach. It’s definitely worth a day trip for anyone with a car (or a bus ticket)!

The town of Rainbow Beach is t-i-n-y , very much resembling one of those western movie towns – one street right through and that’s it. But the beach is gorgeous, and it is the perfect spot to learn how to surf! The waves are small, steady and friendly and there are no scary rocks in the water.

Surfing at rainbow Beach
Yup, we’ve got this! 😀

Surfin’ Straya

So a couple of days ago we drove out with a car full of volunteers from the Woolshed Backpackers to do a private surf lesson with JD from Rainbow Beach Learn How to Surf.

After a short warm up on the beach we got into the water and started battling the waves. And mind you – with personal training, we did all learn how to surf! Well, somehow, and with very individual styles. But we did have insanely fun!! Starting to get that balance right put a giant goofy smile on my face. It won’t go away and feels like it will have me dragged back out to the waves as soon as possible.

Thalia catching her breath after learning how to get up on the board.
Carlo's Sandblow
Magical landscapes – Carlo’s Sandblow at Rainbow Beach

See the Sandblow

After almost three hours of water, salt and waves we were all pretty exhausted. So we found the local Bottle-o, got a few beers and hiked up to Rainbow Beach’s famous sandblow. We had no idea what a sandblow is, but I can tell you now it’s literally a giant sand mountain. It looks just like a huge beach, but instead of leading your gaze into an infinite sea, this beach reaches a big forest on one side and the sea on the other.

Watching the sun set over this surreal and beautiful landscape, a cold beer in hand, the sound of waves still buzzing in my ears, was one of the most relaxing moments of this awesome Aussie adventure so far. A day doesn’t get much better than this.

Rainbow Beach learn how to surf
Antoine with our instructor JD from Rainbow Beach learn how to Surf.

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