SUP through the Queensland Christmas

Merry Christmas, ya’ll! This really is the season to be jolly! 😀 The Queensland X-mas sun has been no letdown and the last week we’ve made the most of the incredible weather by trying a bunch of SUP-activities. Since Hervey Bay is protected from winds and waves by Fraser Island, the waters here are usually safe and calm, especially on early mornings.

Want to try it? Here are our hot tips:


The one thing you just CANNOT miss when in the bay is an early morning SUP-yoga class with Amy from Luvuyoga. This is on every weekend, depending on the weather. You’ll find all the info at the hostel reception (look for me, Maja!) or on this Luvuyoga´s Facebook page. The 25 dollar price includes board hire, yoga class and a introduction lesson to SUP-boarning. Bliss!


Turtle watching from a SUP-board.

Your best chance to spot some aquatic animals is with a SUP-lesson through Hervey Bay Stand Up Paddle. The instructor Graham is definitely your number one SUP-guru in Hervey Bay. He knows all about where you should go depending on the weather, will give you a free lesson with your board hire and show you where to spot both reefs and animals. On Saturday we saw a bunch of really big turtles, swimming right up to our boards to say hello. Graham has saved a few injured turtles before (the one in the picture was recently released back to his home waters), maybe this is their way to thank him… 🙂 Since Graham only goes out when and where the water conditions are great, check his Facebook page to find him.


We have no idea what we’re doing! 😀 Balancing that board in choppy waves is hard work! Photo by Elvira de Emmerik

If you are looking for a cheap deal, try Aquavue Café! They offer Woolshed Backpackers a half price SUP-board hire – only 10 dollars/hour! This deal is NOT on during the Christmas school holidays, though, so better wait a while for this one. Straight out from Aquavue is a cute little reef where you have a good chance of spotting turtles and rays on a clear and calm day


Who doesn't love water parks?The Wetside! Awesome for kids and grownup kids!

On a reeeeeaally tight budget, are you? Why not become a little marine animal yourself by visiting the FREE waterpark for kids, Wetside Water Park? It´s only a short bike ride along the esplanade and you can bask in the sun or run around the water sprinklers all day. The park is just off Main Street, it´s huge and blue and cannot be missed!

Oooh and one more important thing for our European travelers! Aussies celebrate their Christmas on Christmas Day so the 25th of December most shops and activities will be closed. If you still feel like having some fun around Christmas, we do recommend this fun event at the nightclub Smoke N Leather: The Ultra Glow Party. You need to arrive dressed in all white, and as soon as you step through the door you’ll be sprinkled with color and glow through the night!

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