Skydiving in Hervey Bay

”Would sane people jump out of an airplane? Of course not, that’s why I push them!”

With these encouraging words, Pete does exactly that. After two seconds of  ”Oh my god, I ‘m going to die” this is one of the most thrilling and beautiful sights EVER! Hervey Bay is known for being a number one spot for skydiving – and seen from above it is simply stunning. All white sandy beaches, palm trees and turquoise waters in really weird shapes – it ́s so… tropical!

And notice my wind-flapping face in the video here, haha! No feeling quite like free falling!!

I got the skydive as birthday present from my boyfriend Andy. Obviously he thought I would freak out so I got no warning whatsoever, he just suddenly told me over breakfast that next we’re walking to a car that’s gonna take us to an airplane!

Skydiving over crystal clear waters
Things you could never see from the ground – The (in)famous Hervey Bay ”smoking dolphin” – the water is deeper right there and forms this shape.

Unfortunately it was a bit cloudy, so when we met the instructor Pete he told us it’s better to wait until the next day. And I’m so glad he did. Next day was all sunshine and just perfect.

I was a bit scared at first. I’ve heard of many first time skydivers who did not have a great experience because they didn’t feel safe. That was not the case here. Pete from Skydive Hervey Bay has done over 7000 skydives and I felt completely confident with him and his crew, so I was actually able to enjoy the beauty of this experience. Even riding up in that tiny little airplane is something I’ll never forget. You actually realize how high up you are and the view is insane!

Skydiving with a view! :)
Head in the clouds!

The jumping itself was not terrifying at all. It’s just really, really beautiful. You simply feel free.

I ask Pete if people ever get cold feet when they are to jump. – While yes, of course they do. But NOO sounds a lot like GOOO! 😀 😀
Soft landing on sand
Boyfriend of the year, amiright?!

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