The family-owned and operated Woolshed Eco Lodge is a small, local business making big waves in the sustainable approach to tourism accommodation.


The well-travelled Brent and Megan have been the proud custodians of the iconic Woolshed Eco Lodge for the past 14 years. We are definitely not your everyday accommodation owners, we are intrepid travellers ourselves having racked up 38 countries between us and still going…

However, as the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end… For now at least.


Next chapter for us was the family and business journey… Settle down for a bit, sink in some roots and explore the family option of life.

Which of course led us to the ‘what and where’ questions… ‘What’ was easy… We’ve stayed in enough places around the world (good and bad), from tin shack on the beach to the luxury island resorts to know what it takes to operate a successful accommodation business. After all, it’s exactly what we looked for and expected ourselves. Easy choice…

Next question was ‘Where’. This was a great journey as we didn’t have a lot of restrictions, one good result of a transient life! We looked everywhere… Finally, we discovered Woolshed Backpackers in 2006 (that’s another story in itself…)

Wow! We walked through the gate and fell in love… The tranquil beauty of the gardens, trees and buildings. Birds singing, flying through the gardens, people relaxing in hammocks and hanging out in the common room.

All that and located in Hervey Bay, gateway to Fraser Island, Lady Elliot of the Southern Great Barrier Reef and the most amazing whale watching experience you could ever have. Throw in the tropical weather (winter lasts about 3 weeks!) beautiful beaches, awesome cafes and the famous laidback Queensland lifestyle. This was the place!

And here we are today, still loving our journey and building on the Woolshed experience. We call ourselves custodians of the Woolshed because we feel privileged to be associated with such a unique and special place. Above all, we also call this place ‘Home’. We live here and have raised our family here.

You can never underestimate the significance this simple little fact can have. It’s our home, we care and we love to share our amazing environment with our guests, now over 150,000… Big family!

Out of utter respect to a planet that has provided us with so many amazing experiences, journeys and friends, the next chapter for the Woolshed is to really develop and formalise our sustainable approach to accommodation. Hence Woolshed Eco Lodge.

This is our major passion and is something we have worked towards for the last 10 years. Our goal? Carbon Neutral! And we are close… Check out our sustainability pages for the full run down of what we’re doing.

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