Our Great Barrier Reef Adventure

Another great blog by Adam & Dara about their recent tour to Lady Elliot Island. What an exciting life they lead!

Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef has been on our bucket list for a long time. We remember watching the movie Finding Nemo and thinking, ‘WOW, how cool would it be to find Nemo and his friends one day’. When we started working at the Woolshed, we heard that Lady Elliot Island is one of the best places on the East coast of Australia to experience the Great Barrier Reef. We started saving up our money from then onwards in the hope that we could go in November for Dara’s birthday.

The day of Dara’s birthday arrived and we set off to the airport to catch our flight to Lady Elliot Island. As you can imagine, Dara was already excited but as we flew over Fraser Island and out towards Lady Elliot Island, she became very hyper about finding Nemo. We landed on the island after 40 minutes and were welcomed by the staff for our briefing. Once we got our snorkel equipment sorted, we decided what snorkel site we would visit first.

Seeing all the different coloured corals and sea creatures was fantastic. Some of them were so vibrant!

As you can see, we took loads of cool photos under the water so we would advise to take an underwater camera with you. We bought one really cheap online and it was totally worth it for the awesome photos we’ll have forever.

Our favourite part of the day, BY FAR, was when we swam along next to a big turtle for around 20 minutes. We loved the big guy and named him Crush…obviously.

If you want to see the Great Barrier Reef in all its glory, we highly recommend this tour!! Best birthday ever!!

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