Hervey Bay – paradise found!

Say hello to your new bloggers at the Woolshed backpackers – Maja and Andy! We traveled up and down the east coast until we found Hervey bay and decided to stay around for a while šŸ™‚

Our personal little paradise – the AWESOME beach – is just a five minute walk from the hostel. As you can see itĀ“s nowhere near as crowded as the guidebook-beaches youĀ“ve probably already visited – if lucky, you have it all to yourself!

The beach in Hervey bay, where you can walk for hours. Its 16 km long!
Hello there little coconut! Look like you traveled far…

Hervey bay is a tropical little pearl and a gateway to Fraser Island, with a 16 km (!) long beach, heaps of flying foxes and wild kangaroos hanging out on the fields next door. The waters are perfect for kayaking or SUP-yoga and thereĀ“s even a little reef just outside the beach.

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Sunny Hervey bay!
Scarness Pier in Hervey Bay
We dont mind sitting here following the tide rise and fall…
Honey ice cream! Our favourite local ice cream so far, but we will definitely keep you updated on this Very Important Subject.
Scarness beach, Hervey Bay.
Fraser? Naah, its our very own Hervey Bay beach, five minutes from Woolshed Backpackers!
Woolshed backpackers in Hervey bay.
Even the laundry room at Woolshed Backpackers is pretty!
And who are we?

MajaĀ (thatĀ“s me!) is a journalist from Finland, with a chronic travel bug-illness.

Best travel experience so far:Ā Dancing at local nightclubs in Zambia, hitchhiking in Malawi, sleeping in a cave in Cappadocia, and seeing the gorgeous Blue City of Chefchaouen in Morocco.

Andy: Full time travel junkie and occasional tour guide, also from Finland. Prefers palm trees over snow, so hasntĀ“t been in Finland for a while now.Ā Best travel experience so far: Football world cup 2010 in South Africa, biking the ā€death roadā€ in Bolivia – and visiting North Korea! (Yes, he actually went.

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