Backpacking around Australia?

When you are planning a trip from wherever you are around the world and are looking at where you should go, how you should travel, how long you should go for. Then hopefully this article will help give you reasons for going that little bit further and visiting us down under in Australia.

Australia may be a long way away however what we have to offer is sure to beat the negatives. Here are our reasons for backpacking around Australia.

FOR- Australia is the long lost country that all your friends would love to go to, but never have.
FOR- Australians have an Australian accent
FOR- See Australian animals including koalas, kangaroos, snakes and crocodiles in the Zoo but also in nature
FOR- Australia is surrounded by the ocean, so you can always go to the beach.

FOR- The laid back culture means you will never have any worries, and neither will the locals “no worries mate”
FOR- You can learn the true meaning of Australian slang such as bloke, chunder, brekkie and more.
FOR- You will get to try a meat pie, vegemite on toast and maybe even some kangaroo.
FOR- Learn to surf in Surfers Paradise and say gnarly bra

FOR- Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
FOR- See Sydney’s Opera House and Harbour Bridge
FOR- Australia is so close to Asia you can take a trip to Bali, Thailand or more while you are at it.
FOR- Visit New Zealand and see where Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit was filmed while you are in the Southern Hemisphere.

FOR- See the real Outback
FOR- Australians are friendly
FOR- Come for a working holiday and work while you travel. Wait till you see our minimum wage.
FOR- There is something for everyone.

And the list can go on for days. Backpacking around Australia is an experience that those who have done it before you, say you will never forget. The working holiday is the best option as you can earn some money while you travel. Plus, backpacking is a very cheap option and a great way to make friends along the way.

When you are backpacking around Australia, it’s not always about the tourist attractions such as Melbourne, Sydney and going to the Zoo. Instead go off the grid and visit some places that will show you what Australia really has to offer and where the locals like to stay. If you make it to Hervey Bay to see the whales, visit the dingos on Fraser Island or are just passing through, stop in at Woolshed Backpackers. We would love to hear about your adventure.

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