A Whale of a Time

Adam & Dara, our resident Scottish helpers, had a whale of a time on their recent morning whale watch tour. They have shared another blog about their incredible experience.


If you want to see whales and be so close you could almost touch them, we would recommend booking a whale watching tour here in Hervey Bay. We booked through Whalesong and LOVED our morning of whale watching.


Within an hour of setting sail, we encountered a group of whales and it was phenomenal to see them so close!! They were swimming right up to the side of the boat and everyone was so excited when they popped their heads out of the water. We must have taken about a thousand photos and videos during all the excitement!


Sometimes the whales were further away from the boat so the crew told us to wave our hands to attract their attention. The crew were fantastic and they took us to all the best whale spotting areas so we could encounter many more whales.


They even put the hydrophone into the water and we could hear the whales singing! It was an absolutely brilliant and unforgettable experience. Whales are AWESOME!!

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